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How to go about booking your wedding at St. Catherine's Church

We hope that you will find the answers to some, if not all, of the question's you are asking. To begin with, the cost of a wedding at St. Catherine's Church in 2018 is £625.00

This figure includes all the legal fees and everything else, other than any flowers you may wish to have.  So the organist's fee, as well as the Verger's fee, are included within this figure.  The Verger is there to help welcome your guests and to see that the heating and lighting have been taken care of and that the church is ready and open for your guests arriving.

If you are thinking of having flowers in a particular colour scheme, then be sure to mention this to Rev'd Vince Fenton when you meet up with him and he will help to arrange it.

Why not join St. Catherine's Facebook Page too - you will find some photographs of the interior there. 

This is a link which will take you to the Church of England's Wedding page.