St. Catherine's Young People (S.C.Y.P.)

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Worship in the Side Ailse 


on the 

- 1st and 3rd Sundays in the month -

The Parish Communion takes place in the main body of the church. At the same time, except for the last Sunday in the month, in the adjoining side aisle, we have what we call Simply Worship; another way of being the church. Here, children, young people and adults can worship together in a relaxed and informal way. We use stories, craft activities, songs and games to help us learn about Jesus, the Bible and how God wants us to live and know that He loves us.

For the last Sunday of each month, apart from August and December, we all join together for a family service at 10am. Refreshments are on offer at the end of worship, it would be lovely to see you at any of our services.

We choose our activities to cover a wide age-range. Pre-school children accompanied by a parent or carer will be able to participate in most of our activities, but we also have a selection of books and toys available. Older children, their parents and people visiting church for the first time find these sessions helpful. Most weeks we use our digital projector rather than handing books around.

Refreshments for everyone are served in the side aisle after the service.

We are a team of leaders (all CRB checked) and between us, we share the planning and leading of the sessions that happen on the first and third Sundays of the month. At the moment we use material from 'Roots' - a 'children and young people's' weekly lectionary-based resource - see here 




A Psalm written by the older children at

St. Catherine's, based on Psalm 8



Woohoo! You're brilliant God, 

You are awesome, 

You're amazing because you created us. 


You made food for us to eat, 

You made the environment for us to live in, 

You made seeds that we can plant, 

You made water for us to drink. 


You made Robins for us to see, 

You made bumble bees to make honey and spread pollen, 

You made animals adaptable to the world. 


You made strange things for us to study, 

You made planets, moons and stars, 

You gave us imagination, creativity and perseverance 

So we can invent things. 


You've given us things to do and enjoy, 

You give us skill and compassion 

To help and save others 

With care and treatment.



Another Psalm 

  God cares for us

We don't need anything else,

 He looks after us

And makes sure we are comfortable,

 He shows us how to be good

God protects us,

 If we go on the wrong path

God will put us right,

 He gives us good things

God will always be with us.


Written by the young people of St. Catherine's Church


Here is a link to a lovely interactive Biblical website for children, called Superbook here

Below you can see some photographs taken during some of our activities on a typical Sunday morning in our side aisle.


 He's called Bob the Pilgrim and, as you can see, he's ready to accompany anyone as they travel the country - or better still - abroad!

He's already been to Palestine and no doubt he will be reporting back(perhaps in his very own blog).