Welcome to our site... Whether you are visiting this site for the first time or are an old friend, I hope that within these pages, you will find strength and encouragement on your spiritual journey and that something within these pages will interest you. 

If you are searching for Jesus or for answers, then your search is the key. Jesus said, 'If you seek me you will find me' 

Often people who search for Jesus don't find answers - just deeper questions, deeper meanings. My prayer is that you may find something of Jesus within these pages. 

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Services at St. Catherine's


 Sunday 18th December 2016

Why not join us on Sunday at 10:00.  Do think about coming along to simply be in the presence of God... the One who loves you completely. Perhaps the fact that you are reading this might indicate that God is speaking to you about joining us :-)

- 4pm Nine Lessons and Carols - 

Tuesday 20th December

- Blue Christmas Service -

This is a short reflective Christmas Service which will begin at 7:15pm and will last around 40-45 minutes.  It is designed for folk who have had 'one of those years' and although they may not be looking forward to Christmas this year, they never-the-less would like to come to something quiet and reflective in nature.  

There may be any number of reasons we feel this way, our health may have deteriorated, we might have lost a loved one and are dreading Christmas - but of course our reasons can be as varied as there are individuals.  If you have read this far and you know someone for whom this kind of gentle service might be a help, then why not invite them to come along with you?  Of course it may be you who are feeling this way, in which case please consider this your invitation.  

If you would like to speak with someone in private, please do not hesitate to email us here.

 Wednesday (21st December) 

 10:30am - Holy Communion

 Saturday (Christmas Eve)

16:00 - Christingle Service

19:00 - Parish Christmas Eve Communion Service

 Sunday (Christmas Day)

10:00am - Family Communion Service

 Rev Vince Fenton

Rev Linda Lindsay (Curate) 

Partnership for Missional Church (PMC)

It's quite a while since we've talked about the Partnership for Missional Church process (PMC) and for some of you this might be the first you've heard of it.

You may recall that earlier in the year we had two Saturday events. The first looking back at our history and the second looking at what we want to be.

The words which came out of the second event were: 'listening' and 'open', both of which can be used in several ways. We've now completed the first year of a three year journey and it's been a tough year. Not just for St. Catherine's but for all the fifteen churches in the diocese involved in this process.

On Saturday 8 October, the steering group and the PCC spent the day at Shepherd's Dene working on the next phase of the project. The day was led by Archdeacon Ian Jagger.

Despite our anxieties and small number, we got on with the task we were set - to focus on the people in our community who we feel we are called to meet, and then try to work out how we might do that.

We didn't ignore our own vulnerability and felt this might help to strengthen us as we reach out and keep going with the process.
So the outcome of the day:- 
We particularly want to focus on people affected by mental health issues, including bereavement and dementia. 

We want to help them find a place of peace wherever they are.
We realise this may sound a little vague at the moment, but it's as far as we needed to go on that day. We all felt that we need to communicate better about what the PMC journey involves but more importantly the process needs to be held by prayer which is why we would like as many of our church family as possible to come together in the side Aisle on Wednesday 12 October at 7pm,; to learn a little more and to pray about the next steps that we are going to take together.

Loving Father,
We pray for your guidance and strength as we offer this group and the process of PMC into your care for a second year.

Give this church family the courage to ask ourselves "how am I called to this task". We ask that you bring us together and send us out to serve you in the community of Crook.

The generosity of God

Have you ever looked up, at the hills surrounding Crook and thought how lovely they are?

We have a wonderfully generous God, why not take a look at Durham Diocese's - Generous Giving Project

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